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After years of working in customer service and computer software, I realized I had a disposition for putting people at ease. Working with older clients and then my own aging parents, I knew older adults needed access to a patient tech teacher.

My business is now twofold:

I see clients who specifically want to learn how to use their smartphones, tablets and computers. I patiently teach them how to email, text, FaceTime, organize files, and more. I leave them with easy-to-follow instructions. I see them weekly, sometimes for months, until they are on solid ground without me.

I also see clients with early-stage memory loss. We work with brain games to stimulate their minds. I also learn what they were interested in earlier in their lives and find videos, maps, or photos that spark their memories. It triggers their minds and, inevitably, smiles spread across their faces.

I'm a native of Los Angeles and live in Culver City with my husband, two children, and a big, floppy dog. 

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Nancy's Tech Help for Older Adults

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